MUDA introduces on-line facility to pay property tax

After Mysuru City Corporation (MCC), it was the turn of the Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) to offer the public the option of paying property tax online.

The Minister for Urban Development B..A. Basavaraj launched MUDA’s online property tax collection feature on Saturday, which enables property owners in MUDA layouts and MUDA-approved layouts to pay vacancy taxes and house taxes online.

The introduction of the system via marks a milestone in the history of MUDA, which has been collecting property taxes for vacant properties and houses via the Challan system since 1991-92.

From now on, land and house owners of more than 75,000 plots in MUDA-approved private facilities and land and house owners of 38,000 plots in 16 MUDA facilities, namely RT Nagar, Chamalapura, Devanur 3rd Stage, Nanjangud Basavangudi Block, Lalithadrinagar North , Lalithadrinagar South, Lal Bahadur Shastri Nagar, Vijayanagar 3rd level, Vijaynagar 4th level 1st phase, Vijayanagar 4th level 2nd phase, Vijayanagar 4th level 3rd phase, Vasanthagar, Shanthaveri Gopala Gowda Nagar, Hanchya Sathagalli A Zone, Hanchya Sauv .inahalli B Zone, taxes on the Internet.

Effective 2018-19, MUDA will collect property tax based on the revised rates, and online property tax payment will be levied at the same rates.

In 2020-21, MUDA collected a total of 10.89 billion yen in property tax through the Challan system, but a statement said the agency is expected to collect 25-30 billion yen online in 2021-22.

The cleanliness bill to be collected by the owners in MUDA and MUDA-approved facilities can also be paid online. Similarly, the drinking water fee, which will be charged to owners of homes in Vijayangar 4th tier from 2020-21, can be paid online at the price of 175 per month for house connection and 300 per month for commercial connection.

Landowners must provide information on katha, aadhaar card, photo ID along with the tax paid the previous year for vacant land. In order to pay property tax on the house, owners must provide the appropriate information. For houses without a completion report (CR), the property tax must be paid twice.

A user manual and flowchart to facilitate online property tax payment are available on the website. A help desk will be set up on the MUDA site from 10.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and is available to property owners. The help desk can be contacted at 74066-55006, 74066-55007, 74066-55008 and 74066-55009.

MUDA has warned the public against uploading forged and forged documents, MUDA will not only confiscate the amount paid but also take legal action.

The software for the online property tax payment function for MUDA was developed by Seminal Software Pvt Ltd., Vijayapura.

A statement from MUDA said it is proposed to send a text message to the property owner’s mobile phone confirming the online payment whenever it is made. A mobile Android app from MUDA Mysuru will be available via the Playstore shortly.

Touchscreen kiosks to facilitate online MUDA property tax payment are being set up at MUDA and Bank of Baroda branches in different parts of the city. The option to pay the MUDA property tax online will also be available in the Mysuru One-Center.