New Canadian Journey Restrictions – Coronavirus (COVID-19)


New Canadian travel restrictions

February 01, 2021

Moody’s Tax Law LLP

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced additional quarantine measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These new regulations tighten border controls significantly as new variants of COVID-19 are reported in Canada.

Flight ground

All flights to and from vacation destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico will be suspended starting this Sunday, January 31st, 2021 and will remain suspended until at least April 30th. In addition, all flights arriving abroad are only allowed to land in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

Mandatory hotel quarantine requirement

The additional quarantine measures also require arriving international travelers to be quarantined in hotels for at least 3 days at their own expense while waiting for negative COVID-19 test results to be obtained upon arrival. Those who test negative can return to their home or other end destination and complete the remainder of the 14 day quarantine requirement, as we discussed in previous blogs. Those who test positive must stay at the same hotel until they recover, which can cost over $ 2,000, according to Trudeau.

Although a start date for these new measures has not yet been announced, Canada hopes to have these features operational in the next few weeks. At this time, it does not seem that these new rules apply to land entry from the US, but we expect that all essential travelers arriving at these land borders will soon also have to present a negative PCR test result before they are allowed entry.

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