See how leisure customers can get decrease costs on marijuana

Recreational marijuana sales in Arizona began at most pharmacies on January 22nd, and many recreational marijuana users in the state are already considering getting a medical marijuana card as it would save 16% tax per marijuana purchase – a tax not imposed on medical marijuana patients.

Many pharmacies have chosen to charge recreational marijuana customers a similar price for marijuana to medical marijuana patients. However, the 16% excise tax can add up quickly for Rec users.

“Between filing for (medical marijuana) and becoming a doctor, a 2-year license (medical marijuana card) can cost up to $ 300,” reported Fox 10. “Patients do not have to pay the 16% tax … A patient would have to spend more than $ 1,875 over two years to clear sales tax. “

If an adult cannabis user wanted to spend more than $ 80 a month on marijuana, they would save money in the long run by getting a medical marijuana card. Medical marijuana patients can also purchase and own more marijuana and concentrates than recreational users – up to 2.5 ounces – and purchase foods of higher potency.

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