Smokey’s Group Column, Tales Throughout Robertson County (8/15/2021)

Smokey's Community Column, Stories Across Robertson County (8/15/2021)

Smokey’s Community Column, Stories Across Robertson County (8/15/2021)

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Welcome to Smokey’s Community news column. It’s a look back at this week’s top community news in and around Robertson County.

Smokey’s People & Community News column highlights local stories of people, schools, community events, and charities that continue to make Robertson County great!

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(Springfield, TN)

Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps held a free medical clinic in Springfield Saturday

Over the past 35 years, Remote Area Medical has provided free medical, dental, vision, and veterinary care to hundreds of thousands of people through the operation of pop-up clinics. RAM operates its clinics in communities large and small, both in the United States and abroad.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to capture our collective attention, RAM continues to prioritize the safety and health of patients, volunteers, and staff. Please be sure to check your specific clinic locations for important updates and announcements.

According to Community Host Group Liaison’ Dr Matt Browning, 246 patients attended the event. The early estimate is over $100k worth of professional services (Medical, Dental, Vision) including free medications and glasses made on-site for patients during the one day event. Free Covid-19 vaccines were provided by the Robertson County Health Department. Southside Drugs provided the medication. Shine therapy provided on-site childcare. Robertson County Baptist Assoc.  hosted out of town RAM volunteers. Springfield Baptist Church kitchen crew provided all food items for the volunteers on clinic day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks). Hopewell Baptist arranged for a box of 30 non-perishable food items for each patient.

Every RAM clinic is free and open to the public. There are no qualifying questions and ID is not required. As we implement new COVID screening procedures, please continue to check specific clinic locations for information about parking, ticketing, and COVID-19 screenings and protocols.

To see upcoming schedule of clinics and locations –> click here

Photos: courtesy Dr. Matthew Browning of St. Thomas Urgent Care in Springfield, TN

Photos: courtesy Dr. Matthew Browning of St. Thomas Urgent Care in Springfield, TN


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(Robertson County, TN)

Steve Powers announces candidacy for District Attorney General of Montgomery & Robertson Counties, the 19th Judicial District

Republican, Steve Powers, currently serving as Assistant District Attorney General in the 23rd Judicial District (Cheatham, Dickson, Houston, Humphreys, & Stewart) announces candidacy for District Attorney General of Montgomery & Robertson Counties, the 19th Judicial District.

Powers, a native of Clarksville, has dedicated his life to community service. Starting at a young age, he began as an Emergency Medical Technician for many years, served a short time as a 911 dispatcher, and then finally settled in as a law enforcement officer in Cheatham County, TN for ten years. During that time, Powers held multiple titles, including Sergeant, D.A.R.E. Officer, and firearms instructor. While serving as a full-time law enforcement officer with a family of 5, Powers worked hard to complete his bachelor’s degree in Business at A.P.S.U. in 1996. In the fall of that same year, he attended the Nashville School of Law to earn his law degree in the year 2000. Upon leaving law enforcement, Powers opened a private law practice in Ashland City, TN in 2000 and simultaneously worked part-time as an Assistant Public Defender. Although private practice was lucrative, the desire to serve the community was more rewarding. After closing his private practice and working as a full-time Assistant Public Defender in the 23rd Judicial District for approximately a year, Powers accepted the position of Assistant District Attorney General for the 23rd Judicial District in 2006 and has remained serving in that capacity since.

Powers has three children, Jacob & Samuel (twins), and Zackary. Jake and Kristen Denton Powers have one son, Zayne. Jake is a Lieutenant with Clarksville Fire Rescue and Kris is Executive Regional Director of Veribella, Inc. Sam and Kelly Nguyen Powers have three sons: Kaiden, Leo & Oliver (and baby Powers on the way in the Spring of 2022!). Sam is a supervisor at the Lowes Distribution Center in Coopertown and his wife, Kelly, is a local real estate agent. The youngest son, Zack, and his wife, Crystal, have two children, Ethan, and Willow. Zack is completing his residency as a doctor of anesthesiology in Gainesville, FL and plans to return to Clarksville in the summer of 2022 to work locally. Powers, and his wife Alisha, who is an Accountant with the State of Tennessee, reside in Cunningham, TN. Although presently without a church home, Powers was last a member and served as deacon at First Baptist Church in Ashland City, TN and a is a lifetime member of the Fraternal Order of Police, Frank Jordan Memorial Lodge, #81.

Just as Montgomery and Robertson Counties are growing at a record pace, our communities have seen a record increase in illegal drug use and major crimes. Law enforcement works very hard to remove these elements from our neighborhoods. Under my leadership as District Attorney General, using my years of experience as a law enforcement officer, private attorney, public defender, and prosecuting attorney, I will work diligently to ensure each case presented before the courts is zealously prosecuted. Cases will not be pled to a lesser charge simply because of the present voluminous case load handled by the DA’s office. I will make every available effort to obtain the necessary resources and manpower the DA’s office requires to prosecute each case based on its merit. I believe that if we were to consistently mete out tough sentences, not only will it reduce major crime, but in turn, at the very least, keep offenders off the streets of our community for longer periods of time. I will use my understanding of the criminal defense perspective to attempt to make the punishment fit the crime fairly and aide defendants with obtaining the assistance and treatment they need to prevent them from becoming a repeat offender and/or overcome their drug addiction. Lastly, drug addiction is devasting our community in more ways than just criminal activity. I have seen firsthand, from several perspectives, the devastation drug addiction has on the abuser, the abuser’s family, and community. The justice system alone cannot remedy the drug abuse problem in our community. I believe that it takes the whole “village” working together to reach the true source of the underlying drug problem. As an influential community leader, I will strive to become a major part of the proactive solution rather than simply part of the reaction after the fact.

Information provided by Steve Powers campaign

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(Robertson County, TN)

2021 Robertson County Fair Baby Show Winners

0-8 Month Girl Winner Kaylee Denise Moses9-16 Month Girl Winner Annalise Rose Hunter17-24 Month Girl Winner Marcie Rae Chowning25-36 Month Girl Winner Kennidi Rose Tomlinson0-16 Month Boy Winner Isiah Maxwell Dickerson17-36 Month Boy Winner Ryker James LeeGrand Champion Baby Girl Annalise Rose HunterGrand Champion Baby Boy Isiah Maxwell DickersonGrand Champion Winners Annalise Rose Hunter & Isiah Maxwell Dickerson

For the full Robertson County Fair schedule, scroll below or click the banner


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(Robertson County, TN)

Robertson County Emergency Medical Services and our Assistant Director Josh Rice were featured in the August issue of EMS World magazine!


Meet Your Local Medic…

As I approach my eighth decade, I’m preoccupied with issues that may not concern paramedics in their prime. For example, how many teeth can I lose and still eat a bagel? Will I keep getting shorter? Do diapers work the way they did on my daughter 40 years ago? And whatever happened to my pocket comb?

A more important question—one that all adults but especially seniors like me should be asking—is, Can I count on my EMS provider? Maybe yours is the same one for which you work, in which case you already know the answer. But for many of us, including almost everyone not in EMS, the first time we meet our local rescuers is the first time we really need them.

I decided not to wait that long. I visited my hometown squad, Robertson County (Tenn.) EMS, and sat with their new assistant director, Josh Rice, on a carefree spring day when I had the luxury of neither answering nor experiencing an emergency.

From Tikrit to Tennessee
Josh is an interesting guy. His dad was in the oil business and moved the family all over the U.S.—as far north as Alaska and as far south as Texas. At 18 he joined the Army and was sent to EMT school at Fort Campbell, Ky. before his 1999 deployment to Egypt.

“They needed extra medics,” Rice recalls. “At the time I had zero interest in EMS. I didn’t know anything about it. I had to ask one of my platoon sergeants what EMT meant. He looked at me like I was an idiot and said, ‘You know, woo woo woo—the ambulance?’”

Josh enjoyed his introduction to prehospital care but realized he lacked experience.

“I developed a relationship with the base hospital and volunteered all my free time before we deployed,” he says. “I partnered with some of the best military medics and special ops guys. They taught me a lot about responding to emergencies in the middle of nowhere.

“When I was discharged four years later, I went to paramedic school and did contract work overseas—places like Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the kind of lifestyle I was looking for and gave me a chance to practice my skills.”

Rice came home in 2013 and was hired by Robertson County, a middle-Tennessee agency that handled more than 10,000 calls last year. By 2015 he was their training officer—a position he held until his promotion last May. One of his priorities, he told me, is to “think outside the box.”

“I’ve never liked the attitude, Well, we’ve always done it this way, so let’s keep doing it. That’s not good enough. We have to figure out how to make it better.”

Fortunately for Rice, RCEMS turned out to be a good place to experiment.

Southern State of the Art
One of Josh’s early initiatives was to eliminate backboards during transport. “We still use them to move patients,” he says. “Other than that, the evidence shows they do more harm than good.

“We’ll eventually get rid of conventional c-collars, too. We’re actually trying a new style that looks like a vacuum splint for the neck. I did some research, bought a few, and began stocking them on our ambulances.

“We were also early adapters of video laryngoscopy and capnography,” Rice adds. “And IOs have been routine at Robertson for a while.”

That’s a lot for an old-timer to process. Having been boarded and collared more than once, I’m not sure how I’d feel sitting up on a stretcher with a balloon around my neck. I suppose I’d have to remind myself that thousands of doctors have graduated high school, college, and medical school since I last placed a tube or started an IV. I should probably shut up and let the youngsters take over, but if they try tapping my bone marrow with power tools, they’re going to need a bigger ambulance.

Josh was sympathetic, if not 100% reassuring: “Mike, we only do IOs when someone needs meds or fluid right now,” he insists.

OK—maybe. On second thought, no.

Evolving as an Agency and Industry
Protocols and procedures are important, but what about the bigger picture? What’s it like working for a municipal service that’s as much country as city?

“Because of the rural areas and extended response times, we train our people to be like flight crews,” says Rice. “We encourage them to become critical-care medics and equip them for that mission.

“For a while we had only two or three CCs. Now most of our full-time medics have that certification and are paid for it.

“As for EMTs, when I started you stayed at that level for a few years before advancing. Now we’re seeing some who go straight from basic to paramedic. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing—I guess it depends on the person. I can certainly understand wanting to make more money.”

Speaking of wages, when Robertson County began losing employees to Nashville last year, Josh assumed the main issue was pay. Exit interviews painted a different picture: Some people just didn’t want to do 24-hour shifts anymore.

“We’re going to change to 12s,” says Rice. “It’s not just a retention thing; there are safety issues. Still, it’ll cost us over a million dollars to start.”

Long shifts aren’t the only problem. According to Rice, Tennessee surveyed EMS personnel right before COVID and found poor leadership was a bigger dissatisfier than low pay.

“I think we need formal leadership training like in the military,” the 41-year-old manager says. “They don’t just make you a lieutenant and say, ‘Have at it.’ You have to go to school first.”

Family Matters
It’s hard to judge a company’s culture from a distance, so I asked Josh for a story that would help define RCEMS for those of us who haven’t ridden there. He told me this:

“Five or six years ago, my partner and I were working the night shift and got called to a structure fire as we were leaving the hospital. When we got there this guy came toward us with skin hanging from his arms. Turns out he had second- and third-degree burns to 55% of his body. I remember that like it was yesterday.

“He had his little girl with him. She was burned as well, although not as badly. We got both of them in the back of the truck and began working on them.

“Dad was bad, really bad, pretty much from the face down. I was focusing on him when the side door opened and the fire department handed us another patient—a lifeless infant. I’d seen bad stuff in the military, but this made me freeze up for a second or two. Then they brought us three more kids, all dead.

“I was still working on dad, trying to intubate him. I couldn’t, so I did a surgical airway and called for another unit. By then we had the father, the daughter, and four dead children on our ambulance.

“When it was over off-duty crews volunteered to fill in for us so my partner and I wouldn’t have to take any more calls that night. The captain shut us down, and we were debriefed.

“The father actually survived. The daughter too. I’m proud of the care they got from everyone involved, but what I appreciate most is the way Robertson rallied around us and showed what a tight family we are. I tell new employees that the best thing about working here isn’t the cool tools or the stuff we do with them, but the fact that we’re still small enough to know each other really well. We’ll bicker and act crazy sometimes, but we’re here for each other.”

A Position of Comfort
After we talked a bit more about life in and outside EMS, I realized Rice and I have lots in common: He’s a medic, and I’m a medic. He plays hockey, and I played hockey. He’s a young man with a whole career ahead of him, and…did I mention I played hockey?

Yep, it’s easy to feel inadequate compared to today’s hard-chargers and free-thinkers. Being one thrombus from a trip in the woo-woo truck doesn’t help, but I’m happy to have Robertson Couty standing by. I like their mix of youthful enthusiasm and steely-eyed experience, plus gadgets with otherworldly wave forms I wouldn’t find on my old Lifepak 5.

I trust Josh and his people. If I need them, I promise not to act like an obnoxious has-been who hasn’t seen a patient since 2013. Just don’t come at me with a drill.

Mike Rubin is a paramedic in Nashville and a member of EMS World’s editorial advisory board.

Robertson County Emergency Medical Services – Congratulations to our newest paramedics , Colton Banks and Emily Hughes!

They passed the final phase of the Paramedic NREMT exam. Once their state licenses are processed, they will begin the field training program to start serving the citizens of Robertson County as fully licensed paramedics!


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(Greenbrier, TN)

Greenbrier Elementary – Youdane Yoeun, Nal Yoeun – Back To School

“She told me , mom I want to be a baby doctor 👩‍⚕️ when I grow up. She started her first day at school.”  Pre -k Student

Greenbrier Elementary – Kristin Thomas Dorris, Ben Dorris

“As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen.” Go for it, Griff!


RCS School Nutrition Program

The first day of Kindergarten calls for breakfast first! We are building healthy bodies and minds!

Cheatham Park Elementary School – We loved seeing you all at our Open House!

We look forward to seeing all our students!



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City of White House Police Dept. – Mural – Side of Fred’s on Old Hwy 31W


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(Robertson County, TN)

Robertson County Schools – District Federal Progrms Department Welcomes New Coordinators

Robertson County Schools Federal Programs Department Supervisor Dr. Emily Hollingsworth welcomes three new coordinators to her department as the 2021-2022 school year gets underway.

Dr. Kelly Whyte has relocated from Illinois to Tennessee and joins RCS with many experiences in school administration, program design and development, grant facilitation, and curriculum and instruction. Dr. Whyte has been a Principal and Curriculum Director in Illinois for the last 15 years and taught Music, English, and Media Arts to students in grades K-12 for 14 years before taking on an administrative role.  She earned her doctorate and master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of St. Francis and has chaired numerous committees designed to support school/district improvement efforts through goal writing, professional coaching, and parent/community engagement.

In her free time, Dr. Whyte enjoys spending time with her boys, Ethan and Jacob, and her husband, David.  She loves to cook, work on home and garden projects, and support the dog rescue community.  She is excited about joining the Federal Programs team as the Federal Programs Coordinator to support Title 1, professional development, and family engagement and is looking forward to supporting the RCS administration and staff to meet their goals for their students and learning communities.

Mrs. Deborah Nance has been with Robertson County Schools since August of 2000. She taught multiple grades at the elementary level in both the Springfield and White House communities before transitioning to an English Language Learners teaching position in 2013.

Nance said she enjoys being part of the ELL program and feels it has been a privilege to work with such dedicated teachers and to teach such a unique group of students. The ELL students in the district amaze and inspire her with their hard work, and their ability to learn a new language while also learning grade level content. She looks forward to continuing to serve the ELL students and their families as the English Language Learners Coordinator. Her job responsibilities include administrative and instructional aspects of teaching and working with English Learners, Migrant students, and their families.

Mrs. Nance is married and has two daughters that attend Robertson County Schools.

Ms. Danielle Kaminsky will serve as the Federal Programs ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund) Grant Coordinator. The ESSER Coordinator supports and provides services essential to maintaining and completing budgetary requirements for oversight of federal emergency funds and the American Rescue Plan.

Prior to joining Robertson County Schools, served as Director of Curriculum and Instruction, was a public-school Principal and Assistant Principal, District Technology Coordinator, a State Staff Development Consultant, Reading Specialist, and Classroom Teacher. Ms. Kaminsky holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration, a Master’s Degree in Remedial Reading, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.

Kaminski is enthusiastic about her new position with RCS.

“I am looking forward to working with my new colleagues in Federal Programs and am honored to be given this responsibility to serve the district,” she said.

Elliott Named To New Career and Technical Education District Position

Mr. Will Elliott has been named the Career and Technical Education Early Post-Secondary Opportunity Coordinator for Robertson County Schools. Elliott came to the Central Office from East Robertson High School where he has been an Agriculture Teacher for the past nine years. In addition to his classroom role, Elliott has also served for the past three years as the district CTE Teacher Leader, served on the county collaborative committee the past four years, and served as chairman of the ERHS Leadership Team for the past five years. During his tenure at ERHS he has also advised numerous regional, state, and national winners in FFA competitions and proficiencies.

Elliott’s leadership has been reflected outside the district as well, where he has served as the Middle Tennessee Vice President of the Tennessee Association of Agriculture Educators and Treasurer of the Middle Tennessee FFA Awards program.

Mr. Elliott will be assisting CTE Supervisor Mark Gregory in maintaining and expanding the district’s current EPSO and certification offerings. He will be in schools gathering first-hand data and working to ensure equity for all CTE students.

Other responsibilities in this new position will include:

· Assisting with scheduling testing for certifications and proctoring when needed.

· Working to improve the district’s inventory system.

· Promoting news about current district CTE programs.

· Assisting development of an improved advisory system.

· Maintaining ongoing contact with local industry and the chamber of commerce to ensure preparation of graduates for the local workplace.

· Assisting with new program development and instructor mentoring as new teachers are added.


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(Robertson County, TN)

Robertson County Sheriff’s Office – Another successful blood drive in memory of the 20th anniversary of 9/11❗

YOUR Robertson County 1st Responders want to thank each of you who came out and supported our Remembering the Badges Blood Drive in White House, TN.

Special shout out to the City of White House Fire Dept. for providing your Fire Station as the host location and Asailio Timmermeier at United Way of Robertson County for volunteering your time and helping to run a great blood drive! 💚💚 #weloveourcommunity #RobCoisgreat #rememberingthebadges

We are all blessed to serve this great community and County! Thank you for being a part of honoring the 20th anniversary of 9/11.


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(Cross Plains, TN)

City of Cross Plains TN – When Boyd Pope built this barn for his tobacco he likely never dreamed that his great great granddaughter Savannah Jones would use it for her flower business .

We love that Cross Plains has both a past and a future!
Photo credit; Savannah Jones


City of Cross Plains TN – State Championship Procamation

Mayor Barry Faulkner and the Cross Plains City Commission presents a Proclamation to the East Robertson Men’s Baseball team.


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(Springfield, TN)

Springfield High School 1970 Class Reunion 

*Held one year late due to covid


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City of Greenbrier, Tennessee – Congratulations to our Dixie Youth World Series Runner-Up!!!

We’re so proud of you!!!!


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(Springfield, TN)

City of Springfield, TN –  “It was a BLAST 💥!” – Ace Timmermeier

Check out Ace’s experience with the Springfield Citizens Police Academy:

The Citizen’s Police Academy is an opportunity you can’t pass up, definitely time well spent! I learned so much from Citizen’s Police Academy! Being able to have a first-hand experience with the innerworkings of an officer’s job, I gained a new level of respect for our officers – they endure way more than we all realize and play an absolute critical role in keeping our community safe and well. It also made me really proud of Springfield Police Department.
We have an incredible group of officers and leadership at the Springfield Police Department. Beyond that, it was a TON of fun. I loved being able to meet K9 Officer Axel and his Officer Edwards to learn more about how they operate within the team.
It was a blast (see what I did there?!?!) to experience the shooting range our officers use to hone their skill. We also had the opportunity to experience the defensive driving course at TLETA – learning how to drive on the same course our officers do!

To apply, download the application online and return to the Springfield Police Department by August 16, 2021.

“This was such a great experience! Thank you Jason Head, Houston Magee Evans, Elizabeth Henry Leonard, and everyone at Springfield Police Department and The City of Springfield for offering this opportunity to your citizens. I hope everyone who can make it work in their schedule takes the opportunity to experience Citizen’s Police Academy!!” –Asailio Timmermeier

City of Springfield, TN – Congratulations to Timothy Preston! 🚒👏

Timothy is a part-time firefighter and has completed the Fire Fighter 1 course through the International Fire Service. We appreciate his hard work and dedication to our Springfield community!


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(Pleasant View, TN)

Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department along with Cheatham Count EMS Medic 4 is conducting training with Vanderbilt LifeFlight Saturday afternoon at Pleasant View Christian School.

This training is in an effort to help us stay proficient in requesting and landing medical aircrafts should the need arise!

Thank you to Vanderbilt LifeFlight for this great opportunity!



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(Springfield, TN)

Bank robbery reenactment at Springfield festival brought to you by the Robertson County Museum & Historical Society. The Last Days of Frank & Jesse James Festival was held on Saturday, August 14, 2021 on the Courthouse Square in Springfield, Tennessee and included a reenactment of a bank robbery with a shootout, live music, a Pioneer Village with blacksmiths & artisan crafts such as basket weaving, soap making, woodworking, loom weaving, kidszone and sewing plus food trucks, fun activities for families, plus screenings of the movie The Last Days of Frank & Jesse James throughout the day.

The movie, which starred Johnny Cash, Kris Kristopherson, and Willie Nelson, contains scenes filmed in and around the Robertson County Courthouse in 1985. Many local Springfield and Robertson County residents were employed and served as extras for the movie when it was filmed in Springfield.

Robertson County Historical Society – Thank you to the incredible crew that made today’s reenactment such a success!

About the Robertson County Historical Society

The museum serves as so many things to so many people. Of course, our museum’s chief purpose is to collect and preserve items of historical importance to Robertson County, Tennessee. However, over the years the society has evolved much beyond just that.

​The Robertson County Historical Society is a cornerstone in the education of our county’s history. From annual tours to all fourth graders in Robertson County, to special events both in the museum and off-site, to helping loved ones learn more about their family’s past and more, the Robertson County Historical Society works to share the story of our history with the utmost pride.

Our community’s support is vital to our mission of keeping Robertson County’s history alive. Your financial support allows us to continue to archive and protect artifacts donated to the museum, expand and update exhibits, provide educational programming to the citizens of Robertson County, support programs like our History Camp for kids, Book Club and Community Field Trips. All donations are tax-deductible as Robertson County Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Stop in and visit with us Wed threu Fri. from 10 AM to 4PM to rekindle the past and see how bright our future is together.

Tel. (615) 382-7173
124 6th Ave E. Springfield, Tennessee 37172

Mailing Address: PO Box 1022 Springfield, TN 37172


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(Millersville, TN)

Millersville Fire Department – There’s more to firefighting than most folks realize.

We are required to have all of our ladders and aerial devices tested annually for safety and compliance. These tests are performed by and third party inspection company, who will then sticker all tested equipment for compliance and put them back to work. This is key to keeping the folks that serve our community safe.



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(Robertson County, TN)

Robertson County Sheriff’s Office –

The Senior Awareness Service is for seniors, disabled residents, and their families who need that extra reassurance that someone cares. A deputy from the Sheriff’s Office will call once a week to check on you or your loved one and ensure their needs are being met.

Are you eligible for the SOS program?

If you are a Robertson County citizen over the age of 60 and/or disabled, you are eligible for SOS. We will accept applicants as long as resources are available.

Why would you need this program?

If you are alone or feeling lonely.
If you have recently been discharged from the hospital.
If your friends and family live far away.
If you have a need for weekly contact with a caring person.
Does this program cost anything?

No. The Senior Outreach Service is funded by the Sheriff’s Office. We have partnered with local churches, senior organizations, and volunteers to facilitate a network devoted to outreach for seniors.

What happens if I do not answer when they call?

If there is no response when we call, your emergency contact person will be contacted.

If your emergency contact does not know where you are, the Sheriff’s Office will then do a wellness check. The deputy will respond to your home and ensure your needs are being met.

Need more information?

Lt. Nick Roberts

Program Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 615-382-6190


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(Springfield, TN) Sponsor

Springfield Carpet One – At Springfield Carpet One Floor & Home, we understand that life gets busy.

If you don’t have time to stop by the showroom to pick out new floors, we’ll meet you where you feel most comfortable. Whether you’re at a coffee shop, working from home, or want to talk on the phone, we’re here to work with you. Contact one of our experts today. Springfield Carpet One



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(Portland, TN)

Portland TN Fire Department hosted the Life is a Field Trip Home School Group of Portland.

We had students from within a 25 mile radius come visit our Station 1. We had a blast showing off the trucks, talking Fire Safety, and letting the kids spray some water. We would like to thank Sumner County EMS for coming out as well and showing off one of their new trucks. #portlandtnfire


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Got a story? Email your story ideas to our 24/7 news desk; [email protected]


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(Springfield & White House, TN) Sponsor

Ace Hardware Springfield – Mrs. Meyer’s® Clean Day soaps and cleaners make short work of dirt and smell great doing it.

They’re available in a variety of garden-inspired scents, on sale now at 3 for $9.99, or $3.33 each. *Offer valid at participating locations August 1–31. #MyLocalAce

Ace Rewards members can shop their favorite grills online for FREE assembly & delivery. Visit for details and exclusions. #TheHelpfulPlace


Ace Hardware Springfield – THANK YOU to everyone who visited our store this past weekend and participated in the Blue Miracle Bucket promotion!

Collectively across our chain of 12 stores in the Southeast, The Helpful Hardware Co. raised $3,100 for local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals! We are so grateful for the substantial generosity of our customers, and we have YOU to thank for our most successful Blue Miracle Bucket weekend yet! #CMN #BlueMiracleBuckets #ThankYou #YourLocalACE


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green jobs slider

Great Companies->Great Jobs-> Who’s Hiring In Robertson County



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Robertson County Sheriff’s Office – It was a fun and busy weekend! Our #rcsoteam participated in the Opioid Open forum in Portland, TN

…with several other agencies and stakeholders in our community to discuss additional approaches to combating the opioid epidemic.

Our weekend continued with participating in the Robertson County Prevention Coalition Stashed Away House at the #1stFridayNightMarket to provide prevention education to parents. We finished the weekend out with community activities at the Bransford Community Center Come Together Day.


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(Robertson County, TN)

The Robertson County Animal Control is overwhelmed by the current overpopulation of pets in our county

We have been working diligently to improve the situation in our area and lower our euthanasia rates. This has only been possible with support from our commissioners and mayor, and leadership of our Director Kevin Clinard. We promote spay and neuter. Please contact our office for information on low cost spay and neuter or to schedule to have your pet fixed.

Robertson County Animal Control
2900 W. County Farm Rd.
Springfield, TN 37172

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 615-384-5611




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Robertson County Sheriff’s Office – Tobacco season has started in Robertson County.

You’ll be seeing a lot of these on our roads and highways. Please use caution and allow appropriate space so everyone can arrive at their destination safely!


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Robertson County Sheriff’s Office – We would like to congratulate Cpl. Haley on his promotion to Jail Sergeant and Dep. Barbour on his promotion to SRO Sergeant!



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Update: Summer Events Across The County



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(Springfield, TN)

August 16: PDI Kitchen, Bath & Lighting Grand Opening

On Monday, August 16, 2021, join us in celebrating the opening of this new location with PDI team members, our preferred vendors, and the community.

From 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., enjoy food from Soul Food Kitchen and Retro Sno, raffle prizes, giveaways, Product Deoms and more. PDI is excited serve and be a part of the White House community, and this grand opening event is our way of introducing PDI to White House, TN.


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Racing Action/Family Fun At Veterans Motorplex At The Rim

Here’s everything you need to know…

Pits open at 11 am
Grandstands at 4 pm
Racing at 6 pm

WHERE: 6801 Kelly Willis Rd, Greenbrier, TN – Call (615) 643-8725

TICKET INFO: FAMILY PACK – $30 for 2 Adults and up to 6 minor children!

Adults $12 Students, Seniors & Military $10, Children 6-12 $5.00

Great Concessions, Kids Zone and FREE PARKING!

Everyone can get great souvenir items as well as photos and videos of the racing action at the Souvenir Alley Souvenir Stand!

Check out all the winners each week, photos, action videos and more on their FaceBook page.



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Springfield Parks & Recreation Free Movie Fridays & Summer Concerts

August 20: The Trolls World Tour

September 17: Raya and the Last Dragon

The Springfield Parks & Recreation Department is excited to once again partner with Walmart of Springfield to bring free, family-friendly movies to Springfield as part of Free Movie Fridays.

Free Movie Fridays will be held on the third Friday of each month, June through September at the Robertson County Fairgrounds.

All movies will begin at 7:30 PM. Guests should bring their own blankets or folding chairs for seating.


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(White House, TN)

August 21, 2021 SPEARE Self defense Class. City of White House, TN- Police Department AT 8 AM CDT – 12 PM CDT

Free Event: get your tickets here

There’s not cost to attend but registration is limited so make sure to register today!

“S.P.E.A.R.E.” (Self-Protection, Environmental Awareness, Rape Education), is an all-encompassing self-preservation class. This is simply not your typical self-defense seminar. Rather than focusing solely on escaping an attacker, S.P.E.A.R.E seeks to arm participants with the knowledge needed to avoid situations before they become physical. An in-depth PowerPoint presentation reveals the stark reality of violence and sexual assaults in America, the danger of date rape drugs, and even what a rapist looks for in a victim. It seeks to educate participants on everything from being aware of your surroundings to escaping an attack; tactics that are especially important for women of all ages.

Mothers (adult caregivers) and daughters should attend this class together. There will be a lecture portion of the class as well as a hands on interactive portion. Attendees should dress in comfortable clothes and be prepared to move. Space for these workshops is very limited, as the need arises more classes will be scheduled throughout the year.


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(Pleasant View, TN) 

August 21: 3rd Saturday of each month thru October – Pleasant View’s – Cruise’n N Groove’n 

Cruise’n N Groove’n at the Pleasant View Village on 41A, South of intersections Hwy 49 & Hwy 41A, Starts May 15th thru October. Times: 5pm – 9pm.

We have music, several food choices, shopping for the ladies, and lots of cars.

Each month the Mayor will select Mayor’s Choice Vehicle, plus a “Pick of the Month” sponsored by O’Reilly Auto Parts.

At the October event, all six (6) Mayor’s Choice Vehicles will be up for TOP pick for the year voted on by the people.

Location: 214 Village Square Pleasant View, TN 37146

For more info, contact 615-746-0600 or Jim Hutchens 615-517-1423 or Larry Rediker 615-419-5214.



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August 24, 2021: Rob. Co Schools – SUBSTITUTE TEACHING RALLY

August 24, 2021: 9:00 – 10:00 AM – 800 M.S. Couts Blvd.
Springfield, TN 37172

Come join us for coffee and donuts! We are looking for individuals who enjoy working with students and want to help make a positive difference!

Choose your own workdays and locations!
See you there!



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UT Extension-Robertson County – Our after school program at SMS is now accepting applications!

Springfield Middle School  UT Extension Afterschool

We’re now accepting applications. We will be set up at SMS/Innovation Academy’s Open House this afternoon. If you have any questions please stop to chat with us.

Also, we know are working on plan for the scholars who live local but are zoned for Coopertown Middle this year. We will share more details as receive information.


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September 3, 2021 – 1st Friday Night Market AT 6 PM CDT – 9 PM CDT

501 S Main St, Springfield, TN 37172-2866, United States

Join us the 1st Friday Night of each month from June until September on the Historic Downtown Springfield Square. Enjoy live music, food trucks, kids zone, classic car cruise-in, farmers market, shopping with local artisans/makers, and your favorite downtown merchants.

This is a FREE event and family/pet friendly!

September’s Live Music, courtesy of City of Springfield Parks & Recreation Department’s Summer Concert Series: “Jimmy Church Band” starts at 6:30pm (Bring your lawn chair and dancing shoes!)


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2021 Robertson Co. Fair, Tractor Pull, Carnival, Agriculture & Derby Coming Soon

2021 Robertson Co. Fair, Tractor Pull, Carnival, Agriculture & Derby Coming Soon


ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The 2021 Robertson County Fair season is just around the corner and the Fair Board is hard at work finalizing the full schedule of events that will offer something for everyone.

The Robertson County Fair Association is an ALL VOLUNTEER non-profit organization that is completely self-supporting and is run solely by volunteers. Since its establishment in 1938, the Robertson County Fair Association has celebrated all things Robertson County by promoting agriculture, education, and community involvement through quality entertainment in a family-friendly environment.

For the full schedule of events and ticket info, click HERE


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September 11, 2021: American Legion Riders – Unit 45 – Greenbrier MEMORIAL SERVICE

Calvary Baptist Church – 2806 US-41, Greenbrier, TN 37073
Service begins at 2:00 pm

All day family friendly events
Gates open at 10:00 am
BBQ Competition- $50.00 entry fee
For general or entry information email: [email protected]
BBQ dinner $10.00



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Sept. 25th: 25th Anniversary Celebration of Coopertown Tennessee

Join Coopertown in celebrating our 25th year since incorporating. Our celebration will kick off at 10:00 a.m. on the grounds at Coopertown Middle School with the final mile of the “25 in 25 for Coopertown walk.

The event includes:
* Touch a Truck – hosted by the Coopertown Police Department
* Live Music – including local recording artist Austin Williams
* Food Trucks
* Vendors
* Selection of the People’s Choice award of the Coopertown

Photography Contest (info found here:…/PHOTOGRAPHY%20CONTEST%20…and more…

We hope that you will make plans to join us on this special day.
If you are interested in being a vendor at this event, please email: [email protected]

Share the event with everyone on your friends list, grab your family and come out and celebrate your hometown!


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(Portland, TN)

Saturday Nights…Portland, Tn – Car, Motorcycle & Truck Show

Bring your classic cars, trucks, motorcycles and everyday car and SHOW them off on Main Street under the lights in Portland, TN on Saturdays from 5:00PM to 9:00PM. First Saturday in April through the last Saturday of October.

Address: 125 Main St. Portland, Tn 37148



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Monday Nights – White House Cruise-In 

5:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Location: Tavern 76 Parking Area (Only)

520 Highway 76

White House TN, 37188

Contacts Wayne Maligin 615-566-7343 or Bob Boone 601-354-3604 (Tavem 76 Parking area is located in the parking area in front of the Tavem 76)


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Wednesdays In Springfield – Classic Tin Cruise-In Through October

“It’s almost time for Cruise-In Season! Starting April 28th. Every Wednesday (weather permitting) Springfield!” Shelby Horner

Classic car Cruise-In for Springfield and the surrounding communities coming together, sharing and talking cars, trucks and bikes.

Family Fun!

Held every Wednesday, from spring till Halloween, Classic Tin Cruise-In will be in Springfield, TN. The classic car, truck, and bikes Cruise-In for Springfield and the surrounding communities coming together for some Family Fun!

Being held at 2008 Memorial Blvd, Springfield, TN, Between the Hardees and Burger King.

Any questions please call Shelby Horner at 615-336-2257



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Robertson County Senior Center In Springfield, TN

Lots of fun events every month, sign up for the newsletter

Our Operating hours will remain from 9:30am- 2:30pm. This allows adequate time to sanitize and prepare for activities.

We plan to add many activities in May like, our Harmonica class, another exercise class, etc. We also plan to start our “Out & About trips again!

WOO Hoo! Things are really looking up!

Can’t wait to see your smiling face!

Stuff Just For Seniors (Upcoming Events) Come Join The Fun



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Orlinda, TN Byrum Porter Senior Center

The Byrum Porter Senior Center in Orlinda, TN offers…

Byrum-Porter Senior Center in Orlinda, TN is open Monday – Friday from 8 am to 4 pm

We have everything from exercise classes, day trips, mystery lunches, extended trips, card games, dances and much, much more.

Checkout our newsletter to find out more about our dance themes, class times and trips on our website or follow us on Facebook at Byrum-Porter Senior Center for all our fun activities.

Fitness after 50, Yoga & Tai Chi Exercise Classes, Dominoes, Canasta, Karaoke, Bridge, Shanghai Rummy, Footcare & Nail Appointments, massage appointments, paint classes and more. Request our monthly newsletter with all the details, just send an email to: [email protected]

Visit our exercise room

We have treadmills, stationary bikes, step climbers and a vibration training platform. If you can’t get to our exercise classes or aren’t comfortable in a group why not try this instead.

Thursday Night Dances: 

Come dance to the great tunes by The Good Time Charlie Band every Thursday night. Good Time Charlie Band rents the center on Thursday nights starting at 7 pm. Doors open at 6 pm. Limited menu available starting at 6 pm

We love to Travel – Our 2021 Trips Collette Trips:

Canadian Rockies July 31- August 6th, learn more here.

Hawaii November 4th – November 13th, learn more here.

May be an image of 11 people, people standing, outerwear and monument

Diamond Tours ***** new information *****

Diamond Tours is requiring all travelers with their groups to have updated Covid 19 vaccine.

To view these trips, click here.

The Ark Encounter & Creation Museum

(new date) – September 13-17

Niagara Falls & Toronto – September 5-11

Beautiful Maine – October 9-17

*All trips are subject to change

All events are subject to change. Changes will be posted on our Facebook page and our website.

Home Health supplies

We have walkers, canes, crutches, toilet risers, toilet bars, bed assist bars and a shower seat to loan if needed. We also have personal disposable hygiene items.

For updates call 615-654-3161

Location: 9123 Highway 49 E Orlinda, TN 37141

*The Center exists to make life more enjoyable for older adults, who reside in Orlinda and surrounding areas. Activities, Dances, Trips and much more.

*Coffee is always ready and waiting for you.



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