State Guard – July 2021

We know you don’t have time to deal with all of the bills that affect your trucking business. For this reason your association is closely monitoring the legislative measures in the statehouses in your area.

The following is a summary of some of the major promotions from across the country. For a complete breakdown of state legislation, visit LandLine.Media.


A revision of the Arkansas left lane rule is now law.

In 2013, the state banned all travelers from driving in the left-hand lane continuously on multi-lane carriageways if the flow of traffic was obstructed.

Previously HB1849, the new law changes the rule so that driving in the left lane is only allowed when overtaking or overtaking another vehicle. Other exceptions are preparations for turning left or when other lanes are blocked or unusable.


Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed a bill to more than quadruple revenue for a transportation program that benefits major infrastructure projects.

The four-year-old program, known as the Transportation Expansion and Congestion Mitigation Program, provides additional funding through commitment to nationwide construction projects.

A 2017 law authorized the state to shift some of the sales tax revenue from the general fund to the transportation program. Specifically, 1% of the state’s sales tax income goes into the program to upgrade federal highways. The sales tax revenue comes from the state cigarette tax.

H362 increases sales tax shift to 4.5%. Essentially, the change brings the program a $ 84 million boost in the first year.


The General Assembly has submitted a bill to the governor to raise the state’s 17-cent fuel tax by 12.5 cents over five years.

The increase to 29.5 cents is to take place gradually over five years. From October 1, 2021, the tax is to be increased by 2.5 cents each fiscal year until July 1, 2025.

Included in SB262 is an option for most Missouri residents to apply for an exemption and refund. The option would be available to residents who refuel vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of no more than 26,000 pounds.

Owners of alternative fuel vehicles would also contribute more. Decal fees would be increased by 20% annually for five years.

Charges for electric and hybrid vehicles weighing more than 36,000 pounds would increase 10% annually over the same period.


A Missoula County gas tax with a local option has been annulled by the Montana Legislature and Governor.

Less than a year after Missoula voters approved a local gas tax to encourage local transportation, Governor Greg Gianforte signed a bill to repeal the tax hike.

Before HB464, the new law abolishes the 2 cents local excise tax on gas purchases that came into effect last September. Diesel fuel was excluded from the increase.

South carolina

Governor Henry McMaster has signed a bill to revise the state’s left lane regulation.

According to state law, any vehicle moving at slower than normal traffic speed must keep to the right. There were no penalties associated with the law.

H3011 applies the left lane rule to situations on motorways with at least two lanes when a vehicle is behind a slower moving vehicle. The fines would be capped at $ 25.

Drivers of commercial vehicles are exempt from the regulation if they cannot safely switch to the right lane because other vehicles are overtaking the truck or passing the truck on the right, or if the driver of a truck is on the right side of the truck due to a motorway gradient or other vehicles overtake or pass.

The revised regulation will come into effect in mid-August. Warnings are issued for violations that occur within the first 90 days.


On the governor’s desk is a revision of the Texas Truck Liability Act.

HB19 would protect freight forwarders from so-called frivolous lawsuits if the driver has not acted negligently.

In addition, a court would be required to dismiss a lawsuit against a truck driver if the injury or death of another person was caused while the driver was performing his duties “under the employment relationship”. LL